Why is Coen Naninck vague in his videos about his relationship status and if she is black?

I trust you understand that public figures are threatened regularly, including death threats against themselves and their loved ones; I’m no exception. I could probably write a whole book about the various ways some people want to take me and my loved ones out. It can incapacitate you to the point where you don’t feel like putting yourself out there anymore. I don’t know if you have ever been in that position but from personal experience I can share with you that it’s one of the worst feelings there are.

Maybe you could live with yourself if your loved ones were taken out, or injured, but I can’t, and I will never put them in harm’s way just so that individuals who feel my content is disingenuous can get a sense of authenticity.

I understand there are many bad actors out there who do take advantage of black women, and I’ll leave it up to your judgement if you deem me one of them. That said, if my message does not resonate with you then please know there are thousands of other channels on YouTube that may cater to your needs. I hope this response shed some light on the matter.

God bless!

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