Why is Coen Naninck making money off of black women with his videos and website?

The work I do on YouTube and here for black women is part of my job. It didn’t start out that way, but as my channel grew larger more people wanted to see more frequent content. The only way to do that (i.e. make it sustainable) without having to focus on a job is to make YouTube the job, and that’s what I’ve done.

My work on YouTube and this website is made possible in the following ways:

  • I generate revenue with the YPP (YouTube Partner Program);
  • I receive donations via my donations page;
  • I receive monthly financial pledges via my Patreon page.

Note: For more information on supporting this channel please see the Support page.

Without the aforementioned means this work is unsustainable because I need to earn a living like everyone else.

While all of my videos and website content are free some people get very upset with me because I generate revenue from my work and/or they are of the opinion that I should give it away it to charity causes that support either black women or black people as a whole. It’s like they’re saying I should invest all of this time yet get nothing in return and make my content using money I made elsewhere. I have to ask them “If I give away the revenue I create from my content then how am I going to sustain myself?”.

In my opinion the problem for these people isn’t that I generate revenue from my content. The problem for these people is that I’m non-black, in particular that I’m white. You see, Steve Harvey, a black man, makes content similar to mine, except he also does live shows and publishes books on dating issues for predominantly black women. Do you think he is told that he should give away the revenue he generates from his live shows and books to the charity causes that support black women or black people in general? Maybe he does, but I’m sure he keeps a large chunk of what he earns to himself. You see, the only reason I’m expected to give away the revenue I create on my content is because I’m a white man. If I was black, this wouldn’t even be an issue. Do you think Derrick Jaxn, another black man who creates content on YouTube and who publishes books about dating targeting predominantly black women is ever told to give away the revenue he generates on his content? I don’t think so.

If I would do this work without generating revenue from it however (and somehow be sheltered and fed by a third party), then I’m sure that these same people who ask this question would have something else to complain about. You see it’s not about the money, it’s about their hatred towards white people, or hatred towards men like me who are not black and whom they think prey on black women’s supposed insecurities, and it’s about assuming I just want to take advantage of the societal issues surrounding black women. These individuals need something to complain about. These are the same individuals who expect me to have a black girlfriend or wife, and if she wouldn’t be American black, or if she’d be mixed-race, etc., then it doesn’t really count and they’d criticize me for that.

Here is an email I recently received from one of my viewers with some additional thoughts on this matter (I’ve omitted only beginning – which is non-related – for brevity sake and left the text intact without any modifications/changes nor corrections (except for those given by the author and the removal of emoji images):

When people comment about you making money from Black women, disregard them.  The same people who say that are capitalizing on us as well.  They dislike our hair.  So, we buy relaxers, weave, extensions, hot irons etc to make it straight.  They dislike our weight.  We’re too big, too small, no butt, big butt, no boobs, big boobs, too light, too dark etc.  But, cosmetic surgery, weight loss programs, makeup etc is a multi billion dollar industry.  Motivational speakers, self help gurus, therapist, preachers etc make tons of money every day helping people. Rappers and negative damaged males (Yes. I said damaged) capitalize on us. Negativity + low self-esteem = BIG $$$$.

They hate you because you’re speaking life and healing the wounded.  You’re breaking the chains hun!  They don’t like that because that takes money from their pockets.  It takes away contol and power over others.  Many people are slaves to this mentality.  BUT, they don’t realize it.  Speaking on behalf of one of the most religious races on Earth who’s also one of the most critical, the Bible says we’re suppose to take care of our pastor.  If he needs a light, get him a lamp.  If he needs a table and chair, get it.  Not saying or comparing you to a pastor.  But, you’re doing HIS work.  Whether you like it or not.  When you took on this social media, I do believe people whether you want to or not have a moral obligation.  Because, your words are very powerful.  They can kill and destroy.  They can nurture, love, restore and breath life.  I’m thankful U choose to use this platform to display positivity.  As a result, you’re uplifting, educating, and empowering women.  They’ll in turn teach their daughters.  This will also help your male audience by teaching them how to treat and love us.  Many Black men were raised by single mothers.  No offense to them.  BUT, a woman can teach a boy to be anything in the world EXCEPT a man.  Often times, there’s not a positive male role model in the house.  They learn by watching TV, rappers, mom’s dead beat boyfriend etc.  This is his normal.  That’s how they learn to be a man.

I agree with you hun.  We as Black (any woman) need to stop downing men.  I’m a firm believer.  Whatever you put into the universe. It’ll come back to you multifold. Therefore, we must give positive uplifting and loving energy. When you give love and positive affirmation, they can only give it back!

It’s not to say white men or any other race is better then Black men.  In this day and age, things are different from when I was growing up. I’m 47. Back in the day, men were hunters and they knew how to court. Now, the tables have turned. Women have taken on the role of a man. The man has taken on the role of the woman in the relationship.  In the African American community, the woman is the head of the household. She does everything. The man doesn’t do much. This isn’t the case all households BUT most.  Women don’t realize that’s a form of emasculation. Some men from other races treat their women like princesses.  It’s becoming more and more rare in the Black communities They love to make her happy.  Every Woman even the strongest women wants that.

Sorry for the long speech hun. I have a tendency to write a novel. LOL however, I believe in speaking what’s on my heart and mind.

If there are any errors with my spelling or grammar, LOL Charge it to the head and not the heart!

Enjoy the rest of your day!  Continue to be blessed and highly favored!


~ M&M/M.W