Why has Coen Naninck never had a relationship with a black woman?

I have been honest about my lack of relationship experience with black women since making videos about them. I know that many people believe my romantic interest in black women is just a sexual one but like so many of these things they are based on prejudices and projections of people’s beliefs about white men and black women.

The truth is simple. I’ve dated around 7 black women and with only two of them I felt a real click.┬áThe first one was my first date with a black woman which I mention on this page. She wasn’t ready for a relationship. And with the second one I got into a heated argument with and things ended there and then.

On the surface people see a guy on YouTube who’s made hundreds of videos about black women but he’s never been in a relationship with one. OK, I get that raises some eyebrows. But people are so quick to judge!

To me it somehow seems that the rules that apply to black people dating within their own race do not apply to interracial dating. What I mean with that is that when a black person dates different black persons and nothing comes from it then it’s simply a matter of “not being right for each other”, but when a white man dates black women for some reason that doesn’t apply and it is considered as “a fetish”, or some other misconception. Why is it that I can’t date five black women whom I turn out not to be compatible with? Why does that only apply to black people dating within their own race, or white people dating within their own race? I don’t get that, and nobody has ever given me a straight answer to that question.

Quite frankly it’s sad people think this way. I can’t be bothered with it anymore though, I’ve told my story many times and people either believe it or they don’t. When they don’t it’s always some common thinking that they project on me.