Why doesn’t Coen Naninck talk about the history of black women’s struggles and/or racial exploitation?

I actually do, and have.

However, I don’t approach black women related topics from a victim point of view, because that disempowers the individual. Instead, I point out the strengths and positives so one can realize their worth in case they don’t. I don’t contaminate my mind by regurgitating historical references which only serve the status quo. If you like to hold on to the past then watch the History Channel. This is the new age and I’m here to bring change.

Having said that, this is not to say I ignore the past; like I said above I do actually reference historical issues, but apparently you haven’t seen the videos wherein I do so. There are 250+ videos on the Black Beauty Queens YouTube channel, please watch them all before you pass judgment, or stay silent until you do. If just want one example of a video wherein I mentioned the struggles black women go through instead of watching all of my videos then watch this video¬†as an example.