Why does Coen Naninck generalize and stereotype black women?

I get often told that I generalize and/or stereotype black women. They are incorrect. I believe this is yet another projection from people because they hear me say things which they assume I find applicable to all black women or which they find stereotypical.

The ways in which I speak in my videos

I speak in two ways in videos:

  1. about my experience (which is 99% of the time);
  2. or I’m hypothesizing.

About my experience

I pretty much always emphasize that I speak about my experience (for example I say “Well, in my experience…”), or the context will strongly suggest it (for example I say “I’ve only seen…” or “I’ve never seen…”).

Experience is experience, you cannot speak of generalizing and/or stereotyping when talking about your experience, because you’re conveying what you have experienced in your life. It seems so easy to understand but sadly many do not.


If I hypothesize I always state it explicitly. It may happen that in such cases I generalize and/or use stereotypes, but honestly in all of the cases where people have said that I generalized and/or stereotyped I was speaking about my experience.

The reasons why people say I generalize and/or stereotype black women

People who say that I generalize and/or stereotype black women I believe are of that opinion because of one of the following reasons:

  1. They judge based on the video title without actually watching the actual video.
  2. They watch the video but skip parts of it, missing the bit(s) where I say (or allude to) that I am speaking about my experience.
  3. They watch the entire video but do not understand that when speaking about one’s experience one cannot generalize or stereotype.

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