When did Coen Naninck start to like black women?

The first time I was intrigued by a black lady was actually in school, at around the age of 12. She was about my age. I just found her fascinating to look at. Mind you, I grew up around white people and the occasional Asian so I was not exposed to black people in general, which likely contributed to my fascination.

I recall staring at her in the beginning and found myself wondering about her inner world, if her five senses worked the same way, how she looked at the world, etc. I know that’s probably odd, and some people may take offense with this, but those were honestly my thoughts because she looked so vastly different.

I recall times when other kids made fun of her and at times – frail as I was in my childhood – I jumped in between in the hopes of driving the bullies apart. Suffice to say I bit the dust a bunch of times.

I was 28 when I started dating. One year later, in 2001, at the age of 29 I went out on my first date with a black woman. I met her on one of the first online dating sites in my country. I was so, so intrigued by her!

Even though I really wanted to meet her at the same time I was very hesitant simply because I didn’t know what to expect. When we met up after about a week of chatting online I was extremely nervous! I had not been dating for very long in general, but even so I expected this experience to be different altogether.

Well, it was and it wasn’t. Because she was black my expectations were different, but when I met her I found her to be incredibly feminine and sweet. But she was also mysterious and it was difficult to read her.

I just had one date with her, but I definitely wanted to see her again. Things never took off because she was still dealing with a past relationship.