How does Coen Naninck know so much about black women?

First of all, these areĀ not my words. But if you’ve made hundreds of videos about black women then I suppose one might say that I know a lot about them.

To understand where I get my information from you have to understand how my brain works.

I have a condition called LLI which stands for Low Latent Inhibition.

While it is officially a condition, in my life it has given me a great advantage, that being the ability to perceive much more details about anything and anyone in the 3D world than people who do not have the condition (which is the majority of the world’s population) can.

I have only known I’ve had this condition since December of 2018.

There is not a lot of information about Low Latent Inhibition online but Wikipedia has a good page on it. If you do not wish to read that page I have provided a brief explanation of the condition below in my own words.

Low Latent Inhibition in a nutshell

In a nutshell, Low Latent Inhibition is the inability of the mind to filter out (parts of) the information which it receives through the five senses, thus more information enters the brain than in a person who does not have the condition.

I think the correct way to phrase it is that I REceive the same amount of information as people without Low Latent Inhibition do, but I PERceive more of the world around me because when it hits my brain it can not filter (all of) it .

There are drawbacks to this as well as benefits.

The drawbacks of Low Latent Inhibition

Because a person with Low Latent Inhibition constantly overstimulates the brain it can cause brain fatigue.

Another symptom that can (and in my case does) occur is OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

The benefit of Low Latent Inhibition

Because I obtain so much details about the world around me I have likewise a lot of information on hand to describe it.

Living with Low Latent Inhibition

The trick is to learn how to deal with the drawbacks of Low Latent Inhibition so one can take full advantage of the benefits. Getting proper sleep and a good diet are excellent ways to do that.

Low Latent Inhibition in my work

Much – if not all – that I have learned about black women has been obtained because of my Low Latent Inhibition.

And, because many people aren’t aware of this condition’s existence, they label me as someone who just “has an obsession” with black women. I think the truth of that lies somewhere in the middle. The fact of the matter is that I obsess about pretty much anything and everything in my life that I have an interest in.

Pair that with good long-term memory and you will understand how I can recall scenes from TV shows – broadcast two or three decades ago – in perfect detail; scripts word-for-word; clothing the actors wore and the inflections of their voices; the music playing in the background, etc., it’s all still there, fresh as if it happened yesterday! And that condition – which I prefer to refer to as an ability – is what I use in my YouTube videos, that’s what you see.

And many people just don’t understand that, and call me a freak, or say that I have a fetish, etc.

My Low Latent Inhibition doesn’t limit itself to perceiving things about black women, but basically about everything I encounter in life. And, this is not limited to physical objects either but can also encompass situations and events.

If you’d like to see me explain what Low Latent Inhibition is then you can watch this video as well. Look in the video description of that video for a follow-up video as well.