Has Coen Naninck researched the history of black women and black people particularly in America?

I hope this page clears up any misconceptions on my supposed lack of knowledge about the struggles of black women and black people particularly in America.

The following are two parts of a comment by one of my viewers; I have omitted the non-relevant parts and I have omitted her name to protect her privacy (even though the comment is available in the public domain on one of my YouTube videos).

I would like to suggest to you, since you seem to want to uplift us black women, in your spare time please research the history of black people particularly in America.

take some time to do the research of black women HISTORY just about anywhere and you’re be able to relate to us even more and you won’t be placed in a situation where some people misconstrue what you’re trying to do, which is uplifting black women.

And here is my response (the domain extension for the slayingevil site mentioned in it has been removed for search engine reasons):

Here’s a selection of what I’ve read about black women (which certainly doesn’t comprise everything I’ve read about them but covers many of the important topics), aside from my own observations:

– I’ve read about black women in the times of slavery, how they were raped, molested by their slave owners, and treated inhumanely, as animals basically during the colonial era.

– I’ve read about the difficulties of black women during slavery of taking care of their natural hair, there simply not being specific products available until the lovely Miss Walker (CJ Walker) took it upon herself to start a line of natural hair products for black women.

– I’ve read many accounts of black women not feeling beautiful because of their hair when black men say white women have “da gud hair”.

– I’ve read quite a bit about the assumption that black women “wish to date white men so they can have children” with “dat pretty hair” (these are not my words mind you and I don’t attach any beliefs or disbeliefs to them).

– I’ve read about black women’s struggles in the work place, wanting to wear their hair natural but being forced to wear weaves as it would be ‘compatible’ with Western culture (which I’ve mentioned a number of times in previous videos).

– I’ve read a tremendous amount about black women being demonized by men from their own race (and not only on slayingevil but others as well). (By the way I’m not saying all black men are like that.)

– I’ve read about the domestic violence of black women in black families.

– I’ve read about the struggles of black single mothers facing eviction and homelessness due to Trump cutting Section 8.

– I’ve read a good deal about black women in the entertainment industry, how they are victimized and basically enslaved in the modern era all over again if they want to make it big.

I’ve read on other topics and I’d be more than happy to expound if you so desire.

I’m not sure what made it difficult for you to make it through my video, but feel free to enlighten me.

On a personal note, it seems there are quite a few people who assume I am not aware of the struggles of black women. To them I’d like to say “Watch ALL of my videos (currently 260), and then pass judgment.”.

I will say this though, everything I’ve read about black women after starting to do these videos about them was prompted by black women themselves. I listened, I read, I absorbed, I learned, and I asked questions – lots and lots of questions, and got answers. That’s how I know what black women go through. I just don’t want to feel pity for them, because I’d be doing them a disservice, and quite frankly it disgusts me merely thinking about it as the only thing it’d do is validate everything the ones demonizing black women are saying about them. Ehh.. no thanks!