Why is Coen Naninck vague in his videos about his relationship status and if she is black?

I trust you understand that public figures are threatened regularly, including death threats against themselves and their loved ones; I’m no exception. I could probably write a whole book about the various ways some people want to take me and my loved ones out. It can incapacitate you to the point where you don’t feel like putting yourself out there anymore. I don’t know if you have ever been in that position but from personal experience I can share with you that it’s one of the worst feelings there are.

Maybe you could live with yourself if your loved ones were taken out, or injured, but I can’t, and I will never put them in harm’s way just so that individuals who feel my content is disingenuous can get a sense of authenticity.

I understand there are many bad actors out there who do take advantage of black women, and I’ll leave it up to your judgement if you deem me one of them. That said, if my message does not resonate with you then please know there are thousands of other channels on YouTube that may cater to your needs. I hope this response shed some light on the matter.

God bless!

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Why does Coen Naninck not reply to people who say that he has a fetish for black women?

I’ve written this post to show you one of many, many different threads in the comments section of my videos where people have claimed that I have a fetish for black women. If you take the time to read it through to the end and keep an open mind and have common sense, then you should see that while these people are quick to judge they 1) never provide examples of that which they claim; 2) cannot be reasoned with, and 3) are completely brainwashed by the individuals who have a vested interest in keeping black people and white people divided.

The comment thread

Note: The commenter’s name has been omitted to protect her privacy.


Commenter: I honestly feel like you have a fetish for BW no offense

Coen Naninck: Since I didn’t even mention sex in this video – which is what a fetish pertains to – it’s your mind which is thinking about sex, not mine. Your problem is that you’re not used to this level of detail, so you resort to assuming. Don’t watch YouTube videos if you can’t handle them. No offense.

Commenter: Coen Naninck: After watching a few of your videos and I can definitely see the fetish ( how black women smell & taste, how black women are the best kissers & sensual, a beast in the bedroom?) but If you insist that it’s not then I guess you won have a good day with all due respect

Coen Naninck: Here’s a question you probably can’t answer: There are 285 videos about black women on this channel of which about 2% are to do about topics in the bedroom. Why do you focus on the 2%? Or better yet, why aren’t you mentioning the 98%? I know why, it’s because you have been conditioned to think white men just want you for sex, and you’re projecting that onto me because of a handful of videos. But even so, [name omitted], what you’re essentially saying is that I can’t (or white men can’t) talk about sex with black women at all . The smell and taste video by the way, I’m sure you didn’t watch it, or not completely anyway, because if you had you could’ve noticed that it actually pertains to the fragrances of black women’s bodies, not how she smells down below. But it’s like what I said above already, you only focus on that which you want to focus on, and you do so subconsciously because of your conditioning. If you never had heard of white men fetishizing black women, or if I was a black man making these videos, then we both know there wouldn’t have been a [name omitted] in the comments saying this is a fetish, then it’d just be some videos one can count on one hand to do with the bedroom. Also, “beast in the bedroom”? Show me where I said that, you put words in my mouth I never said. I have NEVER said black women are beasts in the bedroom, you just sucked that out of your thumb. I have NEVER said black women are the best kissers either, I have said they’re GOOD kissers, and different from non-black women. Are you saying I can’t talk about how black women kiss? Why is it that when I speak of such normal topics it’s labeled a fetish? Answer me that one please.

I’m not looking to “win” hon, I’m just calling you out on your reasoning. If you want the prejudice against black women to stop, then why do you perpetuate it accusing a white man (and who knows what other white men) with this “fetish” BS? I challenge you to corroborate your argument!

Commenter: Coen Naninck I’m sorry but we live in a world full of RACISM your ancestors started a system that set my people so far behind and to see you talk about relationships with BW is crazy because you never talk about the issues BW face & how BW were treated during slavery days and how it has negatively affected us and why not encourage everyone to be happy even if it’s the same race love I’m sorry but I just can’t take this serious and if you’re offended then I suggest you look into where you went wrong in understanding what I said all peace and love at the end of the day sending you love and light

Coen Naninck: I’m all for love and light [name omitted] but I’m also a righteous man with righteous beliefs and while I always try my best to understand black women’s points of view as it pertains to history it is NOT right to be judged based on that. I was not around in the times of slavery, I am not affiliated with those people in any way, and I strongly denounce their actions. That doesn’t take away that you judged me based on the past and I’m calling you out on it, nothing more, nothing less. The thing that bothers me most about comments like this is not that you label it one way or the other. The thing that bothers me most is that assumptions are made based on a handful of videos. For example, you said ” you never talk about the issues BW face & how BW were treated during slavery days “; would you like me to point you to videos I’ve made where I have mentioned the struggles that black women go through because of some of the things that have happened during the times of slavery? Because I can, because I have made those videos, and they are right here on this channel. But you haven’t seen them, and instead of asking me if I’ve made them, you assume I haven’t, and that is the point. Here is one example of such a video called ’11 INNER BEAUTY CHARACTERISTICS of BLACK women’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2jiolDf1dM

Commenter: Coen Naninck Mr. Coen I’m going off what I’ve seen on your channel you have videos that show your fetish for BW and a lot of people might label it as you’re showing love or honoring us but you’re making videos that clearly show you have a fetish but BW have been battered so much they’re willing to get validation and love from anyone, also if you’re offended then I do suggest you try to see where you went wrong in understanding what I said & again much love

Coen Naninck: You keep asking me if I’m offended while you avoid answering my questions and conveniently ignore my reasoning. I gave you an example of struggles that black women face due to how “BW were treated during slavery days” (your words in quotes) and you completely ignored it. That’s not very courteous, [name omitted]. You keep clinging to this narrative without giving me specific examples, only referring to titles but not specific things I said and the context they are in. If you feel that I have a fetish then SHOW ME the video titles and the time marks where I said that which led you to that conclusion. You don’t do that because you can’t find those videos and the words, because they’re not there. It has nothing to do with me being offended and everything with you not being able to back up your words, just vague accusations without context, which, unfortunately, is very common among those of you who out this “fetish” BS. I rest my case though, I’ve proven my point once again, you can’t give me specific examples.

Commenter: Coen Naninck You’ve made videos that fetishize BW & you know those exact videos because you made them yourself so there’s no need for me to name titles, at the end of the day I wrote what I wrote YOU HAVE A FETISH for BW and that’s that you talk about BW as if we’re some exotic thing and label it as uplifting but like I said BW have been so battered by everyone that we are willing to accept love from everyone

Coen Naninck: You mentioned two titles to me and your reasoning for them and I debunked them on the spot (see above if you need to refresh your memory). But it’s OK [name omitted], I understand you now as you feel very sorry for black women in that you keep referring to them “willing to accept love from everyone” and that in and of itself actually reveals your reasoning. Another term for that is ‘self-hate’, and the true definition the term actually. In your world/reasoning white men simply can not give attention to black women unless it is a fetish, and you made that very clear in a previous post. You are unfortunately brainwashed by the media and its constituents in the black community so it’s not your fault. So, if you don’t wish to grow as a person just go back to sleep and don’t let me bother you anymore. Oh, and ‘much love’! 😉


She did respond to that last message of mine with more of the same. I think I responded back to her one last time and when I checked some time later I noticed she had deleted the first comment which in turn deletes the entire thread.

So you hopefully you understand why I no longer deal with people like this. As much as I love YouTube, the platform is ridden with individuals who demonize white men and if said white men so much as mention black women in relation to dating them (without going into any details) they will label that as having “a fetish”. People who watch these individuals will regurgitate this rhetoric even if they have no means to back it up. That shows you the lack of discernment these people have. I don’t waste my time to deal with people like that anymore, time I rather invest in people who do get it.

If only closed minds came with closed mouths…