Does Coen Naninck advocate that black women only date white men?

Love doesn’t have a color. If a black woman is attracted to a black man, she should date that man. If a black woman is attracted to a non-black man (say an Asian man or a white man) then she should date that man. So to answer this question in one simple sentence: I advocate that black women date whomever they are attracted to.

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Why does Coen Naninck only tell black women what they want to hear?

I get the following comment pretty often:

Why do you only tell black women want they want to hear?

To which I respond:

Why would I tell black women what they don’t want to hear?

Now don’t get me wrong, I know what they’re saying. They are basically saying that I am just buttering up black women and ignore all the things they (supposedly) should be correcting. The fact of the matter is that do actually tell black women things they don’t necessarily want to hear, and that wasn’t the first time either.

But you see, the difference is that I don’t start from that angle, I don’t tear black women down in order to reconstruct them exactly following some blueprint of what a black woman supposedly should look like according to certain (but not all) black men; that’s those guys doing that.

What I do is build black women up while at times also showing that certain actions have consequences, just like how that goes for other people.

But I don’t dedicate all or most of my time to the downfall of black women, and I don’t earn a living doing so.

First of all, who the hell are these certain black men to tell black women what they should and shouldn’t do? This is the issue with some (read: some) black men, they feel entitled to harass “their women” because they don’t submit to their dominance. Have they ever asked themselves why black women don’t submit to them? Perhaps it’s their unrealistic expectations of black women. Perhaps if they showed some respect black women might be more receptive of their issues with them.

Secondly, I’m not like many of those suckas idolizing moronic pricks (SIMPs) who glorify disrespecting the womb they were birthed from. These guys literally have nothing better to do with their time and therefore maintain entire websites about the downfall of black women. You want black women to change? Stop demonizing them; there are other ways to get your point across. I digress.

Black women should band together and enact ‘save your selves black mses’ (#SYSBM). However saving themselves does not mean to date only white men. They should date black men too, decent black men, who respect and honor the black woman, and/or they should date any respectful man regardless of his race.


Why doesn’t Coen Naninck talk about the history of black women’s struggles and/or racial exploitation?

I actually do, and have.

However, I don’t approach black women related topics from a victim point of view, because that disempowers the individual. Instead, I point out the strengths and positives so one can realize their worth in case they don’t. I don’t contaminate my mind by regurgitating historical references which only serve the status quo. If you like to hold on to the past then watch the History Channel. This is the new age and I’m here to bring change.

Having said that, this is not to say I ignore the past; like I said above I do actually reference historical issues, but apparently you haven’t seen the videos wherein I do so. There are 250+ videos on the Black Beauty Queens YouTube channel, please watch them all before you pass judgment, or stay silent until you do. If just want one example of a video wherein I mentioned the struggles black women go through instead of watching all of my videos then watch this video as an example.