About Coen Naninck

On this page you can find information about me, Coen Naninck, creator of the ‘Black Beauty Queens’ YouTube channel and this website.
Coen Naninck, June 2019Coen Naninck, August 2019

I was born on July 6,1972, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where I currently also live.

A little history about what I do

I like to view myself as an educator and an entertainer, with my target audience being women of different backgrounds, races, shapes, and sizes and those who admire them. I practice this work in both written and video media, having two websites and two YouTube channels. More about this below.

This work began in earnest on May 8, 2008. I had an idea for a website about womanly curves, targeting plus-size women. A few years later I launched the website, then called ‘BBW Shrine’. In 2012 I closed the website as I had changed the project name to ‘Curvy Shrine’ and subsequently launched a new website for it.

My YouTube journey started on November 8, 2012, when I uploaded my first video to the newly created Curvy Shrine YouTube channel which was intended as an extension to the website.

Around 2014 I created my first video about black women on the Curvy Shrine YouTube channel. The channel wasn’t really a good outlet for it so after a while I removed the videos there. After many requests to upload those videos again (of which I still had backup copies on an external hard drive) I uploaded them to my personal channel. Then on December 23, 2016, I uploaded a new video to that channel titled ‘8 THINGS WHITE guys LOVE about BLACK women’. Not long after publishing that video it went viral, and the rest – as they say – is history. While experiencing an impasse for my Curvy Shrine channel my focus at the time was mainly on the videos about black women. Recently I rebooted the Curvy Shrine channel and I now upload on both channels.

My videos in a nutshell

Here’s how one of my viewers described my work on my Black Beauty Queens channel:

You take an informative deep-dive into delicate content using a soft and inviting approach. I can always seem to find a video that matches up with a scenario I am going through. I have mixed feelings about dating again and watching your videos helps me identify ‘triggers’ that has me ‘stalled at the gate’. I’m especially amazed at how calm you handle touchy content e.g. Black men’s ‘take’ on your channel. Glad you appreciate us and continue to provide content.

Georgia Jaeger

Note: There is more content I wish to add to this page, so you may want to check back later!

To read about this website please see the About the Black Beauty Queens website page.